SOCO Programme

  Wed. 6 Thu. 7 Fri. 8
09:30-10:30   Guided Visit  
10:45-11:00 Opening (10:45) Coffee break Coffee break
11:00-13:00 Session 1 Session 5 Session 9
    Evolutionary Computation  
  Image analysis and processing Session 6 Applications 2
  Applications 1  
13:00-14:00 Invited Talk - Amy Neustein Invited Talk - Vic Callaghan Invited Talk - Ajith Abraham
14:00-15:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch
15:30-17:30 Session 2 Session 7 Session 10
generation methods comparison in GAP problems with Low Quality Data
Speech Processing &
Compression: Soft computing models
Optimization and Control
Systems in Industry
17:30-17:45 Coffee break Coffee break  
17:45-18:45 Invited Talk - Milind
Invited Talk - Mario Tokoro
18:50-20:50 Session 3 Session 8 Session 11
  MAS & Amb. Int. System, Man, & Cybernetics  
  Session 4 Soft Computing for Medical Applications
  Classif. & Clust. methods  
21:30-24:00 Reception Dinner Gala Dinner Closing (20:50)

Session 1 – Image analysis and processing

  • (1078) Automatic detection of white grapes in natural environment using image processing
  • (1636) Securing Patients Medical Images and authentication scheme
  • (1605) Image Segmentation Using Ant System-based Clustering Algorithm
  • (1469) Validation of Remote Sensing Content-Based Information Retrieval (RS-CBIR) Systems upon scarce data
  • (1642) A Robust Algorithm for Enhancement of Remotely Sensed Images Based on Wavelet Transform
  • (1643) ARIAS: Automated Retinal Image Analysis System
  • (1658) Contrast Enhancement of Breast MRI Images based on Fuzzy Type-II


Session 2 – Tree generation methods comparison in GAP problems with Low Quality Data

  • (1623) Tree generation methods comparison in GAP problems with Low Quality Data
  • (1426) Neural-network- based modeling of electric discharge machining process
  • (1495) An Adaptive Sigmoidal Activation Function Cascading Neural Networks
  • (1542) Loop Strategies and Application of Rough Set Theory in Robot Soccer Game
  • (1570) Learning Patterns from Data by an Evo-Fuzzy Approach
  • (1619) A predictive control system for concrete plants. Application of RBF neural networks for reducing dosing inaccuracies.
  • (1445) Weighted cross-validation evolving artificial neural networks to forecast time series


Session 3 – Multi-agents and Ambient Intelligence

  • (1631) Role Playing Games and Emotions in Dispute Resolution Environments
  • (1452) Combining experts in the detection process of elderly people
  • (1632) Soft Computing Models for the Development of Commercial Conversational Agents
  • (1646) Regulatory model for Ambient Assisted Living


Session 4 – Classification and clustering methods

  • (1082) A Classification approach to austenintic stainless steel corrosion detection
  • (1085) Prediction of peak concentrations of PM10 in the area of Campo de Gibraltar (Spain) using classification models
  • (1634) A Rough Clustering Algorithm based on Entropy Information
  • (1562) Credit Scoring Data for Information Asset Analysis


Session 5 – Evolutionary Computation

  • (1288) Improving Steel Industrial Processes Using Genetic Algorithms and Finite Element Method
  • (1536) Genetic Algorithms Combined with the Finite Elements Method as an Efficient Methodology for the Design of Tapered Roller Bearings
  • (1641) An Interactive Genetic Algorithm for the Unequal Area Facility Layout Problem
  • (1284) Combining Evolutionary Generalized Radial Basis Function and Logistic Regression Methods for Classification


Session 6 – Applications I

  • (1368) Extracting Non-taxonomic Relationships of Ontologies from Textual Sources
  • (1427) MaxiMin MOPSO Design of Parallel Robotic Manipulators
  • (1482) Analyzing Gene Expression Data on a 3D Scatter Plot


Session 7 – Speech Processing & Compression: Soft computing models

  • (1147) Dysarthric speech classification using hierarchical multilayer perceptrons and posterior rhythmic features
  • (1565) Real-Time Bayesian Inference: A Soft Computing Approach to Environmental Learning for On-Line Robust Automatic Speech Recognition
  • (1320) Experiments on ANN Based ASR Systems Using Limited Arabic Vocabulary
  • (1507) Prosodic Features and Formant contribution for Arabic speech recognition in noisy environments
  • (1530) Language Identification for under-resourced languages in the Basque context
  • (1560) Cross-lingual approaches: the Basque case
  • (1528) Experiments for the selection of sub-word units in the Basque context


Session 8 – System, Man, & Cybernetics

  • (1286) An Agent-Based Platform for Traffic Simulation
  • (1476) Further results on Alzheimer Disease Detection on structural MRI features
  • (1620) A system for multi-label classification of learning objects
  • (1572) On the Improvements of Computational Individualism of an IBM
  • (1455) Optimal Hyperbox shrinking in Dendritic Computing applied to Alzheimer's Disease detection in MRI
  • (1662) A Climatologycal Analysis by means of Soft Computing Models
  • (1736) Visualization of Misuse-based Intrusion Detection: Application to Honeynet Data


Session 9 – Applications II

  • (1287) Short-Term Wind Energy Forecasting Using Support Vector Regression
  • (1333) An efficient local-global approach to the Generalized Vehicle Routing Problem
  • (1486) Visualization Tool and its INTEGRATION in A Gateway for Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • (1553) Shopping Center Tracking and Recommendation Systems
  • (1245) Eco-efficiency Measurement by implementing DEA Models
  • (1278) An Information Extraction Process for Automatic Ontology Population
  • (1490) A Review of SCADA Anomaly Detection Systems
  • (1587) Evolution of information efficiency in emerging markets


Session 10 – Optimization and Control Systems in Industry

  • (1249) Sound source identification in vehicles using a combined Linear-Evolutionary Product Unit Neural Network model
  • (1616) Predicting the passenger requests in the elevator dispatching problem
  • (1316) A Genetic Algorithm to Solve the Static Transmission System Expansion Planning
  • (1252) Thermal efficiency supervision by NN based functional approximation techniques
  • (1647) Interactive Fuzzy Goal Programming Model Based on Differential Evolution for Regional Sustainability Development under Climate
  • (1684) A novel method to prevent control system instability based on a soft computing knowledge system


Session 11 – Soft Computing for Medical Applications

  • (1429) Use of dynamic time warping for a personalized tracheal stent design
  • (1478) Annotation system for medical domain
  • (1598) Identification of masses in mammograms by image sub-segmentation
  • (3000) Machine parameters optimisation using soft computing techniques for a dental milling process
  • (1607) Computational Intelligence techniques application to enhance controlled training for people with cardiovascular problems


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