Special Sessions

Special Sessions are organised and chaired by senior researchers who have knowledge of, and a special interest in, the topic of the session.

All papers accepted for publication in the Special Sessions will be published in the SOCO 2011 proceedings, in a volume of the Springer Advances in Intelligent and Soft Computing series.

Session Title
(SS_01) Special Session on Optimization and Control Systems in Industry (OCSI).
(SS_02) Special Session on speech processing and soft computing
(SS_03) Special Session on System, Man, & Cybernetics
(SS_04) Special Sessión on Speech Compression: Soft computing models
(SS_05) IFCoLog student session of SOCO
(SS_06) Special Session on Soft Computing for Medical Applications
(SS_07) Special Session on Ensemble Learning and Information Fusion
(SS_08) Special Session on Soft Computing for Security

Special Sessions Organizers

Organisers of Special Sessions are responsible for:

  • Select a topic of interest to themselves and to Conference delegates.
  • Obtain papers on this topic, normally a minimum of 5 for an invited session, but often more. If there are sufficient papers, the session may become a workshop.
  • Manage the review process for these papers.
  • Provide suitable reviewers for the reviews of the papers.
  • Ensure the final versions of the papers are uploaded before the deadline.
  • Attend the Conference and chair the session.

Researchers who would like to organise one or more Invited Sessions on topics falling within the scope of the Conference are invited to submit a proposal for consideration. This should include:

  • Decide on the title and content of your session.
  • Publicise your session.
  • Obtain at least five papers from workers in the area.
  • Find two suitably qualified reviewers for the each of the papers.
  • Manage the review process of the papers.
  • Ensure the editable word processor versions of the papers are uploaded by the proper deadline.

Please, note that all special sessions for SOCO´11 must have a significant level of Softcomputing content related to suitable applications. More detailed guidance notes will be made available if you accept the invitation.

If you agree to accept this invitation we would be grateful if you could supply the following information:

  • Title of the session.
  • A paragraph describing the content of the session.
  • Surname of chair/co-chairs.
  • First name of chair/co-chairs.
  • Email address (please give only one).
  • Affiliation.
  • Postal address.
  • Telephone number.
  • Fax Number.
  • URL of web page describing session (if any).

Please, send all this information to: escorchado@usal.es
Thank you for your collaboration!
Emilio Corchado - SOCO 2011

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